Author: Taiwo and Kehinde Onalaja
Publisher: Tk-One Ventures, UK
Pages: 370
ISBN: 0954681703
Publication Date: March 1, 2004

Polygamists’ Wives

Polygamy is the culture of having more than one wife at the same time.

Incidentally, these writers themselves are born and raised in a polygamous home, back in their native country, Nigeria.

And having suffered emotionally and psychologically like any other product of polygamy they have conducted over five years research on polygamy as it affects men, women, children and societies in Africa, Middle east, Asia and worldwide.

The result was really shocking, because contrary to the popular believe that polygamy is better than monogamy, polygamy was found to be a culture that breeds women oppression, corruption, poverty, mass illiteracy, overpopulation, spread of pandemic diseases (i.e. HIV/AIDS), religious violence and terror, including anti-Western feelings and ‘Islamophobia.’ In fact, polygamy has for decades been killing Africa and the third world. By implication, world peace, unity and security are consistently threatened unabated.

Unequivocally, polygamy makes for the galling gap between the Western and third world societies.

This book is the fallout of the Onalajas research and conviction, and they believe the only way for African, Middle Eastern and third world’s peoples to enjoy better lives like their counterparts in the monogamous Western world is through the complete eradication of this perverted marriage institution.

This book is aimed at the 21st century generation who do not know the horror and terror polygamy wreaks on polygamous nations around the world today.

Concisely, this book is ‘info-packed’ and absolutely revealing with no holes barred!

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